Los Angeles- and New York-based production company ArtClass has signed Lacey Uhlemeyer as a director for US commercial and branded content representation.

In the past, Uhlemeyer—a former journalist who has filmed in more than 18 countries—has directed humanity-focused stories such as Nike’s International Women’s Day spot to Amazon’s Brand Truth’s campaign.

“Lacey is one of the powerful women voices in the industry today and we’re excited to work with such a dynamic storyteller,” said Rebecca Niles, executive producer at ArtClass, in a statement. “We just clicked right away. We’re on the same page when it comes to why we do what we do and how content can influence and create real change.”

“It’s an exciting time to be a female creative, especially when you have directors like Alma Har’el and Chloe Zhao leading the charge,” said Uhlemeyer, also in a statement. “ArtClass not only walks the walk when it comes to having a diverse roster, but also they create content with a sense of inclusivity. This is so appealing to me as a director. They encourage all of their talent to take creative risks and are incredibly supportive of our unique voices and visions as creators. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Uhlemeyer was most recently represented by Wondros Collective for commercial and branded content work. Prior to that, she was a freelance director on Nike’s International Women’s Day campaign in collaboration with MediaMonks.

She also worked with the agency on branded content, documentary-focused storytelling and longer-form content.

She also has worked with such clients as IBM, HP, Bristol Myers Squibb, and National Parks Service.

She previously served as senior digital producer at ABC-Univision joint venture Fusion, where she produced digital, linear, and VR content for Fusion Media Group, which included Univision, Fusion and The Root.

Uhlemeyer worked as an international journalist and producer before moving into directing. She helmed the short film, City of Widows, which focused on the issues that widows face in India. As a writer, Uhlemeyer is currently working on scripts for two pilots, as well as a documentary series.

“Everything I do is about bringing the lens of empathy into my work and creating impact-driven content that combines poetic narratives with beautiful imagery,” she said. “Most importantly, I’m grateful to lean on the creative-first approach and egoless culture of ArtClass—all in the spirit of spreading our wings and making the best work possible.”

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