“Dear Dick: How did we not know each other before now?”

“Dear Dick: Game on.”

Dear Dick: You’re like a Roman god bringing the spirit of sex into our lives.”

“Dear Dick: Did you think this was gonna be pretty?”

An artist’s “short story disguised as a letter” sparks Amazon’s new series I Love Dick, about an attraction that turns to obsession.

“An exploration of the female gaze and how we tell stories about love and desire, the series charts the evolution of a marriage, the awakening of an artist and the deification of a man named Dick,” according to Amazon.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Chris Kraus, the story is set in the colorful intellectual community of Marfa, Texas.

Indie filmmaker Chris (Kathryn Hahn, Transparent) has spent most of her adult life in the shadow of her older and successful academic husband Sylvère (Griffin Dunne, Dallas Buyers Club.) When her big break of getting into the Venice International Film Festival falls apart, she finds herself stranded in the small Texas town where Sylvère is at a residency fellowship program.

She’s immediately drawn to mysterious cowboy and art star Dick Jarrett (Kevin Bacon), who belittles her by doubting women can make art as well as men, and Chris’ attraction turns to obsession as she faces her failing artistic career.

She begins to write letters to Dick that she never plans on giving him, but after realizing they represent her best work yet, soon everyone in town is reading them. It sets off a chain reaction of explosive artistic expression and wild self-discovery among the residents of Marfa – and upending Chris and Sylvère’s preconceptions about love and monogamy.

Executive produced by Jill Soloway, Sarah Gubbins, Andrea Sperling and Victor Hsu, I Love Dick premieres May 12.

[Photo: Amazon Studios]


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