Batman (Robert Pattinson) chases down the villain behind the “bing bong” in the above cross-promotional spot for Warner Bros.’ new film, The Batman, and ESPN’s SportsCenter, with a little social media trendsetting thrown in for fun.

Taking off of the #bingbong hashtag that’s all over TikTok and Instagram, ESPN worked with Los Angeles-based creative agency Compadre to incorporate several seemingly disparate stories – The Batman, SportsCenter, the New York Knicks (or in this case, the Gotham Knights), Knicks’ star player R.J. Barrett and finally, the mysterious Bing Bong.

Compadre could only use footage culled from The Batman’s official trailer to produce the mash-up, calling for some additional shooting with Barrett and SportsCenter talent Elle Duncan as well as some creative VFX in post.

Compadre worked remotely with SportsCenter to capture Duncan’s reporting on Barrett and later shot Barrett on site in New York, creating a neo-noir look to match the tone of the trailer.


Client: ESPN

Vice President, ESPN Creative Studio: Carrie Brzezinski-Hsu

Vice President, ESPN Production & Project Management: Anthony Nelson

Sr. Director Agency Production: Kyle Wright

Sr. Producer: Nick Aquilino

Creative Director: Paul Meehan, Genta Nakahara

Sr. Writer: Justin Swiderski

Disney Client Connect: Stefan Carter

Agency: Compadre

Executive Producer/Partner: Robert Blatchford, Chuck Carey

Executive Creative Director: Curtis Doss

Head of Production: Jessica Garcia-Scharer

Senior Writer: Joey Livingston

Producer: Jon Kolnoski

VFX: Brent Stengel

Editor: Bryan William

Color: Myles Mantzaris

Mix: Gregory Smith

Director: Kyle Christy

Line Producer: Jon Messner

Production Manager: Sean Roberts

Tags: compadre dc espn hot spots sportscenter the batman warner bros.

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