On October 18, 1922, the British Broadcasting Company – now Corporation – was born, first as a radio service, then as a TV network and today, as a multi-platform content provider and world leader in shaping news and global conversations.

To celebrate, the broadcaster, now widely known as the BBC, has planned a year’s worth of special events and has a website dedicated to the occasion, with sections devoted to 100 key events in its history, 100 meaningful objects, 100 faces and 100 voices. It also takes readers through a century of BBC branding and of idents.

The service also revealed a special logo that consists of three rectangles, one slimmer like the number one and two wider like zeroes, that are filled with a rainbow of colors. The “100” logo harks back to its new logo, revealed last year, that puts “BBC” into three squares.

It also introduced geometric looks for many of its sub-brands, such as news and sports.

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