Maintain distance. Maintain Community.

​BBC Storyworks gathered art from contributors all over the world to create a pandemic-related public service campaign in collaboration with the United Nations and World Health Organization.

Considering that the BBC’s news operations were already covering the factual ins and outs of coronavirus, the Storyworks team turned its attention to the softer side of the pandemic, such as offering kindness, staying connected and practicing good hygiene to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

To do this, the team came up with two campaigns: “Maintain distance. Maintain community,” and “Kindness connects us. Pass it on.”

“Maintain distance. Maintain community” was created using animation sequences from contributors all over the world, while “Kindness connects us” was produced using user-generated content. Both campaigns were sourced using the expertise and connections of The Smalls global video commissioning platform.

The team then worked with BBC World Service translation services to offer the spots in local languages.

The music was provided by Universal Music, including Rae Morris’ song “Somewhere Out There” in the “Maintain Distance” spot.

Kindness Connects Us. Pass It On.

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