Branding stole the spotlight on Daily Brief in April, with stories that took a deep dive into creative marketing campaigns.

One such initiative was Universal Channel’s IDs created from larger-than-life mixed-media character portraits crafted from objects featured in the characters’ series.

TeleMadrid’s iconic star logo also got an update, while TyC Sports’ rebrand represented its passion for soccer.

Meanwhile, Nickelodeon celebrated kids from all different walks of life in its “That’s Me” brand campaign, and the cast of Westworld deciphered the show’s secrets … sort of.

Check out the stories that stood out on Daily Brief last month:

1. Universal Channel Turns Mixed-Media Character Portraits Into IDs

Venezuelan studios Totuma and based in Miami and Madrid, respectively experimented with different types of media and materials to build the larger-than-life installations that were used as IDs for Universal Channel Latin America’s “100% characters” campaign.

2. Kids Tell Their Stories in Nickelodeon’s ‘That’s Me’ Campaign

Diversity, inclusion and individuality define the up-and-coming generation—if they do say so themselves—in Nickelodeon’s multimedia, year-long brand campaign showcasing kids’ drive to be honest, authentic individuals.

3. TeleMadrid’s Rebrand Puts Spotlight on Spain’s Capital

Comodo Screen transformed the channel’s iconic star logo into a guiding light for the brand’s identity by creating a series of fun graphics. Together, they serve as a connective thread, uniting TeleMadrid’s properties while symbolizing a fresh start for the public station.

4. Deciphering Season Two of HBO’s ‘Westworld’

Even actors have no idea what’s going to happen next, they say during a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

5. TyC Sports’ Reband Overflows with Passion

TyC Sports’ passion for soccer resonates loud and clear in its most recent rebrand —a project that grew out of a partnership with Argentine creative studio Lumbre.

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