Brief ended 2018 with some in-depth looks at some strong rebrands, including Loyalkaspar’s integrated branding system for Comedy Central, and Crunchyroll’s “Stay Crunchy” message to its anime community.

Nickelodeon also rang in the new year with an augmented reality celebration with The Loud House, and Brief explored how two creative agencies in Spain are coming up with new ways to evolve in the entertainment industry.

Finally, we took a look at at the power of sound design on action scenes, and how strong music and editing techniques can take those sequences to the next emotional level.

5. Guest Column: How Sound Design Can Make or Break an Action Scene

In action design, editing and sound design go hand-in-hand. You may have the ultimate stunt/sequence but without the sound, you are lacking half of the experience. It’s that experience that starts resonating within your mind and what those sounds mean to you. Here’s how strong music and editing techniques can take sequences to the next emotional level.

4. Crunchyroll Asks Fans to ‘Stay Crunchy’ in New Brand Campaign

Described as “a love letter to fans” and “a reminder that they’re perfect, just the way they are,” the brand spot features the streaming services “Stay Crunchy” message to its inclusive anime community. Crunchyroll partnered with creative agency Omelet on the integrated campaign across broadcast, cinema, streaming audio, digital platforms and social media.

3. How Two Companies Helped Transform Spain’s Multimedia Industry

Spanish creative agencies El Cañonazo and El Terrat are two companies creating new ways to evolve in the entertainment industry by blending the lines between production, creativity and marketing.

2. Nick Rings in 2019 with ‘The Loud House’ AR Celebration

Nickelodeon’s new year’s resolution could easily be to bring more interactivity to linear television, as it celebrated 2019 with an augmented reality marathon of The Loud House at used the network’s free Screen Up app and AR stickers to bring the show’s characters into viewers’ living rooms.

1. How Comedy Central, Loyalkaspar Refreshed an Iconic Brand

Comedy Central put content first when it comes to its recently launched brand refresh, and brought in creative and branding agency Loyalkaspar to do the heavy lifting, which included buffing up the network’s logo, creating a custom font for it, designing a custom palette and folding it all together into an “integrating branding system.”

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