Acquisitions, newly formed agencies and big career moves comprised the most popular topics on Daily Brief last month.

We also took an in-depth look at the new season of HBO’s Westworld, which asked fans to uncover hidden pieces of its marketing campaign to gain further insight on what’s to come.

Check out Daily Brief‘s top five stories from February:

5. Why Marketers Should Rethink Their YouTube Strategies

We spoke with journalist, author and internet culture expert Chris Stokel-Walker on YouTube’s influence in society and potential impact on a marketer’s campaign—if used correctly.

4. Fans Dig Up Hidden Trailers for ‘Westworld’ Season 3

Ahead of the highly anticipated new season of Westworld, HBO hid a few extra trailers on the internet for vigilant fans the network knew would dig them up.

3. 2C Vets Found Miami-Based Agency The A Team

The A Team Reel 2020 from Promax on Vimeo.

Nikki Coloma-Blaszyk, Ben Frank, Marni Wagner and Luis Martinez (pictured up top) came together to launch Miami-based full-scale agency The A Team, which serves networks, streaming services and consumer brands with creative and brand strategy.

2. ABC EVP Marketing Rebecca Daughtery to Exit After 33 Years

Toward the end of the month, veteran marketing executive and member of the Promax Board of Directors announced her exit after over three decades with the network.

1. Stun Becomes Creative Division of Full-Service Marketing Firm, Known

Marketing and data strategy firm Schireson Associations acquired creative agency Stun Creative and brand strategist and business innovation Blackbird to form new full-service marketing agency Known.

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