Some of last month’s top stories focused on rebranding and brand development, giving readers insight on the inner workings of agencies and networks such as Turner’s new branded content division Turner Ignite Studios, Elevation’s rebrand of Escape Network, and what drives Spain’s Dvein.

Meanwhile, Brief explored National Geographic’s cross-platform marketing for its limited series Valley of the Boom, as well as the changes that were made for Rent’s primetime debut on Fox after a key performer experienced an unexpected injury during a dress rehearsal.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular stories from January.

5. Creative Review: Dvein

A master of the graphic and visual language of Spain, creative agency Dvein thrives on art direction, live action, animation and CGI, all with a playful drive as creative directors experiment with surreal representations of nature and organic materials.

4. Elevation’s Rebrand Tells the Story of Escape Network

Escape revealed its rebrand with the help of creative agency Elevation. The agency created a spot with suspenseful imagery to build on the network’s brand and debut its new look.

3. ‘Rent’ Cast Has Only One Chance to Get It Right

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Jonathan Larson’s tour de force, Rent, Fox brought the show live to primetime. To promote the show, Fox released a few conversations with the actors on the iconic characters they played.

2. National Geographic Makes Noise for ‘Valley of the Boom’

To promote National Geographic’s new limited series, Valley of the Boom, which tells several insanely true stories of the ‘90s internet boom in Silicon Valley, the creative team, led by CMO Jill Cress and EVP Chris Spencer, pulled every stop they could think of from cross-platform promotions to partnerships to elaborate social media campaigns.

1. Why Branded Content Division Turner Ignite Studios was Born

Turner debuted its new branded content division Turner Ignite Studios, which launched in October. The spot served as the announcement for the company and is an example of how its marketing aligns with the fun, refreshing and comedic voice of the studio itself.

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