From how to move from middle to executive management, to marketing secrets from Nickelodeon’s Kim Rosenblum, professional development was a popular topic for readers in October.

Brief also took an in-depth look at Telemundo’s new branding, explored the inner workings of Spain’s Norte Estudio, and highlighted Syfy’s creative method for creating its network ID’s by tapping into its fan base and commissioning work from artists around the world.

5. Spain’s Norte Estudio Carves Out Its Creative Direction

The five founders focus on their ability to operate both as creative studio and a production company as they pave out a path for the future.

4. Telemundo’s ‘Unstoppable’ Branding Shapes Hispanic Programming

Telemundo straddles two worlds, moving freely among Latinos who speak both English and Spanish; viewers who are steeped in their native heritage as well as American culture. That sentiment forms the foundation of the network’s new logo, tagline and programming.

3. Syfy Turns to Fans to Create Network IDs

When it comes to creating IDs for its network, Syfy partnered with crowd-sourcing online studio Tongal, commissioning artists from around the world to create the short, fun spots such as five Halloween-themed animations.

2. How Kim Rosenblum Keeps Nick’s Marketing Fresh and Current

The executive shares her insights for creative campaigns that are shaping the future of entertainment marketing.

1. Guest Column: Moving From Middle to Executive Management

Taking that leap is harder than you think. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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