In this main-title sequence for Netflix documentary series The Confession Killer, New York City-based creative agency BigStar captures self-proclaimed serial killer Henry Lee Lucas in a series of photographic portraits.

The series tells the story of Henry Lee Lucas, who confessed to as many 600 murders but ultimately only had three—those of his mother, an ex-girlfriend, and a former landlord—that could ultimately be pinned to him.

The Confession Killer premiered on Netflix on Dec. 6.


Client: Netflix

Agency: BigStar

Executive Creative Director: Josh Norton

Creative Director / Title Design & Animation: John Leamy

Design Director / Lead Designer: Ross Henderson

Executive Producer: Carson Hood

Producer: Shannon Hall

Lead Designer: Ivan Viaranchyk

Designer: Doug Chang

Lead Animation: Ivan Viaranchyk

Tags: bigstar hot spots main titles netflix the confession killer

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