New York City-based creative agency Block & Tackle got to let its animation freak flag when it developed the new visual identity for Syfy’s animated Saturday late-night block, TZGZ (which are, obviously, the letters that follow S-Y-F-Y).

Much like a late Saturday night, almost anything goes on TZGZ: vegetables sing, the undead text and wizards get high, probably just to keep up with everyone else watching the trippy channel dedicated to exploratory adult-themed animation.

Block & Tackle seems to have had a blast coming up with the block’s fun, bold identity, bringing to life such new interstitial properties as High Wizard, The Lioness (what woman living in quarantine with her husband or partner cannot relate?), Mythical Creature Features and a collection of logo IDs.

High Wizard

Creature Features

Teas in Cheeses

Augmented Reality

Syfy launched the block in 2019, and then returned this year to rework its visual identity to more closely reflect the block’s free and colorful spirit.

The development process between Syfy and Block & Tackle began with an exploration of the block’s logo. The winning concept was a new motion logo, dubbed “Morphy,” that would define the rest of the brand’s look and feel.

B&T created a library of elements from which Syfy can pick and choose when developing new promotional assets for the block, as well several end pages and a style guide that “harnesses all the quirky TZGZ attitude into a compact artiste manifesto,” according to B&T. “Like its content, TZGZ’s new identity celebrates emerging perspectives and unique creators, two things the late-night loyal fanbase craves.”

B&T’s work on TZGZ caps a year of collaboration with Syfy, including the relaunch of Syfy Wire and promo graphics for series Wynonna Earp.


Client: Syfy


Creative Directors: Rob Edmond, Justin Grazioli

Project Manager: Amanda Leemans


Creative Director: Eve Penzer

Music: Written by Eve Penzer; Produced by Michael Ventimiglia, Matt Lagattuta

Sound Design & Mix: Joanna Katcher, Nice Manners

Additional Editorial: Rick Barlis, Rebel Post

Agency: Block & Tackle


Creative Directors: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis

Producer: Megan Anderson

Logo Exploration: Damien Bastelica, Yun Chen, Adam Gault, Wei-Shen Wang

Logo Development: Yun Chen, Adam Gault, Wei-Shen Wang

Design: Adam Gault, Mike Russo, Wei-Shen Wang, Alex Winakor

Animation: Adam Gault, Gung-Kai Koo, Ted Kotsaftis, Wei-Shen Wang, Alex Winakor

Design and Animation Support: Krysta Coates

Sizzle Track: Stand Alone by Jam Studio


Creative Directors: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis

Executive Producer: Sari Rosen

Producer: Megan Anderson

Design: Chris Anderson, Marika Cowan, Ben Hill, Matthew Houston, I-Cheng Lee, Andrés Moncayo, Wei-Shen Wang, Alex Winakor

Animation: Chris Anderson, Lumi Chang, Matt Choi, Ben Hill, Gung-Kai Koo, I-Cheng Lee, Josh Parker, Wei-Shen Wang, Alex Winakor

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