FX, with the help of New York City-based Block & Tackle, dives headfirst into the mosh pit of mid-70s punk in the above spot for FX’s new limited series, Pistol.

The spot starts with a dip into British nostalgia, revisiting Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 (the 96-year-old queen just celebrated her Platinum Jubilee over the weekend, marking her 70th year as the crowned head of England).

After a few seconds of respectful video with poshly accented narration, the spot explodes into guitar riffs and colorful mixed media.

“We’re not into music, we’re into chaos,” says lead guitarist Steve Jones (Toby Wallace) in the piece.

Block & Tackle sought to reflect that chaos in the work:

“We had a crackin’ time fucking with the mo-cap that the team at FX provided us with. Plastering chaotic collages into the 3D scenes, and filling the actors bodies with grungy textures, we created an immersive environment that pulls the viewer deeper into the anarchic world of Pistol,” wrote Block & Tackle on its website.

“To achieve an authentic, own-able visual language for the series, the B&T team got their hands dirty with all sorts of analog techniques. We distressed photographs, ripped shirts, spilled ink, tore paper, stepped on things, and were frequently disrespectful with British royalty. Then we scanned all that stuff in and smashed on our keyboards until the deadline hit.”

Danny Boyle, who also directed Trainspotting and Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire, directs and executive produces this six-episode limited series. Pistol also stars Jacob Slater as Paul Cook, Anson Boon as John Lydon, Christian Lees as Glen Matlock, Louis Partridge as Sid Vicious, Sydney Chandler as Chrissie Hynde, Talulah Riley as Vivienne Westwood, Maisie Williams as punk icon Jordan, Emma Appleton as Nancy Spungen and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Malcolm McLaren.

Besides Boyle, series creator Craig Pearce also executive produces along with Tracey Seaward, Gail Lyon, Anita Camarata, Steve Jones, Paul Lee, Hope Hartman and wiip. The series is produced by FX Productions.

Pistol premiered Tuesday, May 31 exclusively on Hulu.

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Client: FX Networks

President, Creative, Strategy & Digital, Multi-Platform Marketing: Stephanie Gibbons

EVP, Content & Editorial: Ethan Adelman

SVP, Content Design & Visual Effects: Steve Viola

SVP Content & Editorial: Paul Rollens, Tom Cropper

Editor, Content & Editorial: Louis Jones

VP, Motion Design: Amie Nguyen

VP, Content Design & Visual Effects: Dara Barton

Creative Director: Synderela Peng

Director, Production, Content Design & VFX: Rick Hassen

Producer, Motion Design: Mel Reeck

Creative Director, Content Design: Dan Masciarelli

VFX Supervisor: Michael Viscione

3D Artist: Sa Ho, Tanner Merrill

Animator: Miles Flanagan

Production: Block & Tackle

Director: Block & Tackle

Creative Director: Adam Gault and Ted Kotsaftis

Producer: Dorian Carli-Jones

Project Lead: Mike Russo

Design: Mike Russo, Dylan Goodsell, Jaime Justen

Animation: Mike Russo, Dylan Goodsell, David Jouppi, Jaime Justen

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