From harvesting rice in the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, to gliding next to 40-foot long whale sharks in Oslob and dancing with inmates at a maximum security prison in Cebu, Myx TV’s new reality travelogue series follows tech entrepreneur and blogger Garrett Gee, and his sister Miristi, as they explore their roots in the Philippines.

The show comes at a time when the number of second-generation Americans has been steadily rising for decades. Research shows most millennials say travel is one of their top priorities, even over buying a home or paying off debt, according to the multicultural entertainment network.

“Our audience of multicultural millennials will see themselves in Filipino-American entrepreneur and world traveler Garrett Gee,” said Miguel Santos, general manager of Myx TV. “Garrett and Miristi’s trip will inspire viewers to hop on a plane and journey back through their own history to find adventure and a greater understanding of themselves.”

The series focuses on Gee, who sold his tech company that created the QR code technology Scan to Snapchat to be developed into Snapcode, the function that enables people to easily connect with friends and brands on the app.

After $54 million deal in 2014, he decided to travel the world full-time with his wife Jessica and two children. His adventures are documented on his blog The Bucket List Family, which has helped fund philanthropic endeavors like raising $75,000 to build a school in India, as well as on Instagram.

Discovering Routes premieres September 12 at 8 p.m., with eight 22-minute episodes, and 20 eight-minute webisodes airing Mondays and Thursdays on on and starting September 7.

The series is produced by ABS-CBN Global Studios with Olivia de Jesus, Keesa Ocampo and Miguel Santos serving as executive producers in partnership with Go Button Media.


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