“I’m not somebody therapy works on. I might be too smart,” says BoJack Horseman in Netflix’s trailer for season five of the animated show.

When the offbeat series returns, Bojack stars in a new TV show call ‘Philbert,” where he plays a character with disturbing parallels to his real life, which forces him to confront himself and his past in ways large and small.

“But the main thing that happens this season is Diane gets a haircut,” says Netflix. “We spent a lot of time figuring out the haircut — the style, the volume, the bounce, the sheen — and we’re really proud of the way it came out.”

BoJack Horseman is from creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg and premieres September 14 on Netflix.

'BoJack Horseman' season five key art. [Netflix]
‘BoJack Horseman’ season five key art. [Netflix]

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