For the second time in as many years and for the fourth time overall, bpg has been recognized as PromaxBDA’s Global Excellence Agency of the Year. The award is given to the company that wins the highest number of individual Global Excellence awards and bpg’s bounty of 2017 honors wasn’t just copious, but copiously diverse, touching on every avenue of marketing ingenuity.

Last year, one of bpg’s big individual awards was in the coveted Dramatic Program Spot or Campaign category. This year, it had a big showing in the Print realm, fueled by a multi-award-winning campaign for Nat Geo’s Explorer that took gold in both the Photography and Outdoor Static Campaign categories. The poster below shows why, with an eye-popping image that manages to convey the head-melting feeling of doing hallucinogenics by simply pouring the episode’s primary source material over the host’s head. But beyond the brilliant concept behind the poster, it’s just a flat-out piece of image-making, using little more than different shades of orange and yellow to create an endlessly rich canvas.

The PromaxBDA judges were so impressed with bpg’s photography contributions, they awarded them silver in the category as well, for work on CBS’ drama Bull that somehow manages to be both bold and nuanced at the same time.

Bpg’s prowess in 2017 extended into the digital and social space as well, as evidenced by an interactive campaign for PBS’ Jackie Robinson doc that took gold in the Online Takeover or Road Block Promotion category. Its deceptively smooth navigation and seamless integration with the page’s main content makes it easy to overlook the treasure trove therein—a wealth of clickable elements all in one place, including a trailer and interview with director Ken Burns. Rarely are online ads this fun to interact with, and we haven’t even gotten to the beguiling banner placement yet, seen at the :58 mark in the video below.

Proving its filmmaking talent will not be confined by any genre, bpg was also recognized for this spot for Nick’s Crashletes, taking bronze in Children’s Program Spot for an intricately choreographed romp that shows Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski wreaking pratfall havoc by simply existing.


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