Brent Lang has been promoted to director of business development at Los Angeles-based creative marketing agency Compadre. In his new role, Lang will be responsible for identifying and developing opportunities for the agency in brand strategy, marketing, design, and production for clients in entertainment, technology, health and wellness, sports and beyond.

“With his deep knowledge of production, great people skills, and incredibly positive attitude, Brent is the perfect fit for this position,” said Robert Blatchford, Compadre co-president in a statement. “Not only does he have a tremendous understanding of the nuances of our business, but also the big-picture needs of our clients, as he is constantly problem-solving and finding new ways to add value to what we can achieve as an agency.”

“Being a part of the Compadre team since we launched and helping build this agency from the ground up has been a rewarding experience,” said Lang, also in a statement. “It’s like witnessing an entire city being built—and there’s still a whole new world around it to explore as we look to push the branding and marketing initiatives of our clients into the future.”

Lang joined Compadre as a producer in 2019 after working in the art department at ABC Studios. Prior to that, he was an associate producer at Digital Kitchen. There, he was part of the team—along with current Compadre Head of Production Jessica Garcia-Scharer—that built and maintained the AT&T U-verse brand and produced much of its original content.

Lang started his career as a production coordinator for TV shows, such as Veep and Glee, as well as movies. He’s also been a student of the famed Groundlings Theatre & School, and he writes, directs and produces his own indie films and content with his brother.

“My improv background prepared me well for this role, as I take a lot of pride in navigating the challenges that come with this industry,” said Lang. “Whether it’s a quick pivot in the creative or managing new timelines, I always try to keep a smile on my face and make the production process smooth and enjoyable for everyone, because how you get there and the relationships you make along the way are equally as important as the end product.”

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