If you listen to this podcast with Kathleen Marinaccio, vice president, design services and presentation strategies at Warner Bros. Global Insights and Analytics, we defy you to not want to spend your days hanging out in her office just learning stuff.

Kathleen Marinaccio's office at Warner Bros.
Kathleen Marinaccio’s office at Warner Bros.

Marinaccio is a creative from way back. In ninth grade, her art teacher told her she needed to “do this for a living.” That made sense to her because she “didn’t like to do anything else.” And off she went with a singular focus of attending the Pratt Institute.

“I knew that I was going to be some form of designer from the very beginning,” Marinaccio says. “If I say it out loud, I tend to do it.”

That has proven true, as Marinaccio went on to work for NBC, Harper Collins, Marvel Comics, New World Entertainment and eventually, Warner Bros. From January 1998 to December 2010, she ran her own design studio, Fishbrain, before going full-time with Warner Bros.

Since she’s been at Warner Bros., she has risen from director to vice president, and she made the move with both her boss, Liz Huszarik, and Marinaccio herself advocating fiercely for her.

“I was here eight years before I got promoted,” she says. “I had to eventually explain to them and my boss had to explain that I don’t just design stuff. I literally built a timeline that said this is where I started and this is where I am today. I have done all of these things as a director and this is where I want to go next.”

Along the way, she also participated in Promax’s Thrive program, where she met strangers who became good friends as well as got useful coaching from program lead Esther Weinberg and Promax President and CEO Steve Kazanjian. She also partnered with her Thrive team to present a session at June Conference in Los Angeles in 2017, which is captured in the podcast below.

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Marinaccio's Thrive presentation at Promax 2017 in Los Angeles
Marinaccio’s Thrive presentation at Promax 2017 in Los Angeles
Jean Claude (JC) Cancedda, Sundance TV; Marinaccio; Rich Browd, PopTV; and Ian Kahn, Paramount Network.

To hear all about how Marinaccio got to where she is today and how she balances all of it, tune in to this episode of The Daily Brief Podcast:

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