As WarnerMedia Kids & Family geared up to launch its new pre-school block Cartoonito on Cartoon Network, the in-house team asked Atlanta-based Primal Screen to submit ideas for clever but educational interstitials.

Primal Screen Animation Director Fumi Yozawa conceived of this charming trip around the world with dozens of unique characters who each say “hello” in a different language. Yozawa, in collaboration with the Cartoonito team, designed the characters to be a mix of animals, inanimate objects (like a mountain and a wave), and zany, abstract whatzits. Imaginative animation shows characters evolving into new ones in a single continuous shot. Underscoring the universality of “hello,” the action moves out into space where an alien has the last word.

The spot was created to give preschoolers all over the world an opportunity to hear themselves on-screen. Young actors, many of them native speakers, provided the characters’ voices with some direction from Primal Screen’s multilingual team.

Playful and modern, the original underscore reinforces the quirkiness of the animation, eventually becoming a song by the end.

Primal Screen handled illustration, motion design and animation, script, music and sound design for this 1:40 spot.


Client: WarnerMedia Kids & Family

SVP, Design: Jacob Escobedo

Senior Director of Production: Heather Laird

Creative Director, Design: Candice House

Creative Director: Craig Gordon

Creative Director: Chip Duffey

Art Director: Petrika Janssen

Senior Animator: Sam Leyja

Agency: Primal Screen

Tags: animation cartoonito hot spots kids tv motion design primal screen

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