CBS-owned KYW Philadelphia and Devlin Design Group collaborated to create an audience-focused storytelling environment for the station.

Early in the collaboration, the KYW team said they wanted an “adaptable set that featured a variety of storytelling venues.” To accomplish that, Devlin turned to CBS’ “deconstructed” eye logo to find inspiration for the design.

“This was an incredible opportunity for the KYW team to rethink and reimagine storytelling. Team DDG was determined to solve our client’s needs with a landmark solution. The different technology-driven venues connected by the ease of movement between each presentation area, gives them an opportunity to reinvent how they can add more visual content and connection. It enables them to have a deeper engagement with their audience,” said Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, vice president and scenic design director at Devlin Design Group in a statement.

The new set boasts an expansive curved seamless LED wall (23’7” W x 6’3” H) to anchor the main talent shots. The substantial anchor desk includes a wide curved LED screen (6’7” W x 12” H) for displaying branded graphics. Color-changing lights on the desk front offer additional flexibility. The desk is positioned downstage to accommodate the day’s “big story,” enabling talent space to walk and interact with video and graphic content displayed on the LED wall. Three contemporary woven metal light fixtures accent the central area.

Two individual presentation areas are located left of the main desk. A large tracking LED wall (14 2” W x 7’10” H) can be used as a single image or slide apart to create three individual video panels.

Right of the main desk, the “Next Weather” area is anchored by a color-changing weather desk, large enough to accommodate a team of meteorologists during severe weather. The space features an array (7’11” W x 4’9” H) for displaying weather stats. A tall color-changing monolith with CBS branding adds depth and interest to the scene.

An interview space outfitted with a movable rise and a crescent-shaped custom couch sits next to the weather area. Another LED wall (23’7” W x 6’3” H) allows the station to display custom graphics. Flanking the center array are two low-resolution LED panels (13’1” W x 8’2” H) that add another layer of visual texture to the venue. Above, is a circular RGB color-changing ceiling element that adds structure to this multi-purpose presentation area.

“Our mission for the KYW set design was to create new and improved functionality, interactivity and viewer engagement. The look and feel had to connect with the Philly audience and align with the evolving CBS brand. We needed to look at the heritage of both entities with a fresh and innovative eye. From idea to execution, it is now exciting to imagine the limitless potential this collaborative design offers our client,” said Diane ‘DiFi’ Fiolek, Devlin’s VP and creative director, also in a statement.

The new studio’s lighting fixtures are primarily mounted to an 18-foot grid, keeping lights clear of camera shots and offering a wide view of the new set. Larger soft lights deliver the output and control, enabling them to be mounted at a distance from the talent while maintaining a flattering angle.

Lighting Director Dan McKenrick used a new studio lighting package by Brightline: “The fixtures are extremely flexible and ideal for a project of this scope and nature.”

Fabrication by Scenic Solutions; electronics and integration provided by GrantAV.

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