With the world reeling from the pandemic, CBS News wanted to communicate to viewers that not only were they covering the story but experiencing it along with them.

This campaign, produced in concert with Boston-based agency Viewpoint Creative, sought to reveal how CBS News personnel are struggling to maintain balance and sanity in their work and home lives just like everyone else. The campaign also sought to send the positive message that the nation and its news services would manage their way through this crisis together.


Client: CBS News

Senior Vice President, News Marketing, CBS: David McCoy

VP, News Marketing, CBS: Julie Haaland

Agency/Design/Edit/Animation: Viewpoint Creative

Executive Creative Director: Mike Middeleer

Director of Creative Production/Editor: Dave DiNisco

Creative Editor/Animator: Don Days

Designer: Kriti Kaur

Mix-to-Picture: Todd Hrinda

Producer: Todd Hrinda

Executive Producer: David Shilale

Producer: Eric Skvirsky

Tags: cbs news hot spots viewpoint creative

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