CBS News New York collaborated with Boston-based Viewpoint Creative on a fall brand image campaign that reminds viewers of its brand promise: “On your corner. In your corner.”

Filming from various locations across the Tri-State area, the campaign positions CBS News New York as the region’s go-to source for local news, with anchors and reporters that live in the communities they serve.

Viewpoint developed and delivered the campaign from the ground up, bringing concept ideation, brand attributes, creative approach, and production through to post. The result was two :30 spots, plus corresponding cut downs, that aired on the station’s linear and digital feeds as well as across its social channels.

’Here to Here’


Client: CBS News New York

Vice President, Creative Services: Lee Grossman

Director of Multiplatform Promotion: Jennifer Hancox

Senior Content Producer: Danielle Jones

Agency: Viewpoint Creative

Executive Creative Director: Michael Middeleer

Creative Director/Director/Editor: David DiNisco

Design Director: Dave Allen

Copywriter: Roger Baldacci

CEO/Executive Producer: David Shilale

Producer/Director: Matt Ruscio

Line Producer: Matthew Scheffler

Director of Photography: Kyle Meek

Still Photography: Adam Glanzman

Hyperlapse Photography: Brian Youchak

Editor/Animator: Don Days

Colorist: Sean Henderson

Mix: Todd Hrinda

Tags: brand image campaign cbs news new york hot spots viewpoint creative

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