To mark 100 years since women got to vote in the United Kingdom, Channel 4 asked three 100-year-old women to introduce programs and explain what has changed in their lifetimes as part of a campaign with in-house agency 4Creative.

Millie, Beattie and Margaret all were born in 1918, the year the Representation of the People Act gave some women over 30 and men older than 21 the right to vote.

From the comfort of an armchair, they share their experiences of what it’s been like growing up as women over the past 100 years, before introducing a Channel 4 upcoming show. Channel 4 also posted extended versions of their interviews across its social media platforms under the hashtag #Vote100.

4Creative also developed the spot 100 Years and Counting, which celebrates women’s progress over the past century. A voiceover lists the many things females couldn’t do 100 years ago—from voting, to driving, to wearing a miniskirt, traveling to space and twerking—juxtaposed by footage of women today doing all of those things.

The video ends with a call to action for more progress to be made, saying “a lot’s changed since women got the vote … but we’re not there yet.”


Channel 4

Head of marketing: James Walker

Group marketing manager: Grace Ayres

Marketing executive: Maya Padhya


Executive creative director: Alice Tonge

Creative director: Eoin McLaughlin

Creative team: Francesca Van Haverbeke, Anne-Grit Maier

Business director: Jane English

Senior producer: Fiona Wright

Director / creative (‘100 years and counting’): Alex Boutell

Editor: Nick Allix, The Playroom

Director and editor (continuity films): Barry Dyer

Director of photography: Annette Remler

Art director: Simon Davis

Online: Dean Wyles, Envy

Audio: Rich Martin, Envy

Grade: Danny Wood, Envy

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