Lee Hunt’s CMO Intelligence tracks the on-air marketing of 24 general entertainment networks plus Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. In addition to collecting and displaying searchable creative on an interactive online portal, each month CMOi provides quantitative analysis of 16 different promo metrics. This month we’ll take a look at one of those metrics: promo time.

Promo Time

For the 12 months ending in March 2018, the Discovery Networks—Discovery Channel and TLC—led the pack with an average of 3:32 and 3:23 of promo time. Other networks with more than 3 minutes an hour included National Geographic and TBS. ABC and History almost made it to the mark with 2:59 and 2:58 an hour.

What’s the significance? By pumping so much promo time into an average hour of primetime television, month after month, the Discovery Networks are able to support more program priorities—an average of 18 for Discovery, 19 for TLC—with sustained effective reach and frequency. This allows them to build awareness for their new and ongoing series and increase intent to view, while continuously reinforcing their brand.

How does your network’s promo time stack up?

Promo Time per Hour averages the sum of duration of network and internal cross channel promotion in primetime.

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