Success requires sacrifice, says Joe De Sena, founder of extreme adventure race challenge brand Spartan, and De Sena makes executives live that philosophy on retreats he leads for teams on his farm in the mountains of rural Vermont.

In CNBC’s new reality series, No Retreat: Business Bootcamp, the former Wall Street broker and his crew of experts give teams nearly impossible physical and mental tasks to complete in an effort to make them stronger and more effective as a group. Each episode features a different group undergoing specifically tailored tasks that manufacture adversity, identify weak links and ultimately help teams overcome fear and failure.

No Retreat: Business Bootcamp is produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, a division of Banijay Americas, with Christian Sarabia, Nicole Elliott, Vincent Cariati and David Markus serving as executive producers. Timothy Kuryak is the executive producer for CNBC.

No Retreat: Business Bootcamp premieres Tuesday, February 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC.

[Images courtesy of NBCUniversal]

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