CNN Business covers the world of news, business and finance from a global perspective, bringing viewers stories from the financial centers of New York, London, Hong Kong, Beijing and Dubai.

Collaborating with New York-based producer MinusL, CNN emphasizes the expertise of its correspondents – including Richard Quest, Zain Asher, Kristie Lu Stout, Rahel Solomon, Anna Stewart, Julia Chatterly, Christine Romans, Selina Wang, Nina Dos Santos and Eleni Giokos – in its new brand campaign.


Client: CNN Worldwide

Senior Vice President: Rick Lewchuk

Vice President & Group Creative Director: Whit Friese

Sr. Creative Director: Marnye Hall

Sr. Writer/Producer: Jennifer Swingle

Designer: Aaron Kokas

Editor: Stephen Taylor

Senior Director of Production: Matt Barnett

Production Director: Nichole Goralnik

Production Coordinator: Vinnie Lombardo

Sr. Production Resource Manager: Denise Patierno

Sr. Post-Production Manager: Greg Enfield

Photojournalists: Darren Bull, Dan Hodge, Kev Broad, Sylvain Dummond, Alasdair Skene, Justin Robertson, Luke Wolagiewicz

Commissioning Editor: Jon Jensen

Producers: Kim Kelaita, Martha Zhou

PR Coordinator: Jake Campbell

Sound Designer/Mixer: Kenneth Lovell, Blue Green Submarine

Production: MinusL

Alec Sutherland, Director, MinusL

Todd DosSantos & Brad Grimm, Director of Photography, MinusL

Craig DiBiase, Executive Producer, MinusL

Chris Hughlett, Head of Production, MinusL

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