This sad and beautiful animation was created to accompany CNN’s digital series, “The First Time I Realized I Was Black,” in which the network asked celebrities as well as CNN anchors and reporters when they first realized that their skin color somehow made them different.

The narration is excerpted from W.E. B. Du Bois’ “The Souls of Black Folk,” originally published in 1903.

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Lead video producer: Tawanda Scott Sambou

Craft editor: Janelle Gonzalez

Graphics: Melody Shih, Shane Csontos-Popko, Rob Chriqui, Padraic Driscoll, Jonathan Reyes

Video producers: Claudia Morales, Gabe Ramirez, Jeremy Moorhead, Bryce Urbany, Deb Brunswick, Tsering Bista, Jacqueline Rose

Voiceover: Larry Meriweather

Senior video producer: Jacque Smith

Web development: Sean O’Key

Creative Director: Jonathan Reyes

Senior Motion Graphics Designer: Padraic Driscoll

Design: Ai Hsuan, Melody Shih

2D Animation: Ai Hsuan, Melody Shih

3D Animation: Shane Csontos-Popko, Rob Chriqui

Lead video producer: Tawanda Scott Sambou


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