As part of CNN’s “Why We Go” campaign highlighting what journalists at the network are exposed to everyday, CNNE followed and filmed a correspondent in action reporting from a protest in Venezuela.

The Spanish spot shows the professionalism, commitment and passion that field reporters bring to the table in a moment that shapes the history of the country.

The translated script reads:

This is what we are …
This is what we do …
In every moment …
We go to the heart of the story …
To show you what others hide …
To listen to what many try to keep silent …
To capture the news that shapes history …
That’s why we go.


Allison Gollust—CMO, CNN Creative Marketing

Rick Lewchuk—Senior Vice President, CNN Creative Marketing

Whit Friese—Vice President & Group Creative Director, CNN Creative Marketing

Flavio Ortega—Creative Director, CNN Creative Marketing

Donovan Solis—Sr. Writer/Producer/Editor/Compositor, CNN Creative Marketing

Dan Brown—Sr. Director, Production, CNN Creative Marketing

Julie Bitton—Sr. Production Manager, CNN Creative Marketing

Samir Nuñez—Voiceover, CNN en Español

Julie Weber—Sr. Business Admin. Coordinator, CNN Creative Marketing

Randy Garmond—Audio Design

Cuer2films—Production Company

Special Thanks to:

Osmary Hernandez—Correspondent, CNN

Simon Rodriguez—Photojournalist, CNN

Beatriz Montalvo—Creative Director, CNN en Español

Gabriel Silva—Innovations Manager, Turner LATAM


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