Comedy Central unseated FX Networks as Promax’s North America Marketing Team of the Year at the global entertainment marketing association’s 2021 North America Awards ceremony on Wednesday. FX Networks, which won many golds, silvers and bronzes across multiple categories on Wednesday, had held that title for the past ten years.

Comedy Central won gold for 360 Campaign: Program Promotion and 360 Campaign: Comedy Program Promotion for its campaign for Awkwafina is Nora From Queens and for Experiential Activation for a Program or Series “Awkwafina 7 Train Takeover.” Comedy Central worked with agency Fallon on those campaigns. Comedy Central also swept the categories Publicity: Best Campaign for Content and Publicity: Best Stunt winning gold, silver and bronze in both.

Buddha Jones, which worked with FX and Disney on multiple award-winning campaigns, was named Agency of the Year.

This year, for the first time, Promax’s prestigious “of the year” winners were determined by a jury of their peers who reviewed all finalist submissions and voted on final winners. In the past, these awards were determined by the number of points accrued by winning across multiple categories.

Promax is currently receiving submissions for its Global Excellence awards with an awards ceremony planned for later this year.

Go here to see all the winners of the Promax North America Awards.

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