​Comedy Central’s Roy Wood Jr. is snug as a bug in a snow globe as he prepares for “31 More Days of Being Home for the Holidays,” Comedy Central’s month-long marathon of holiday fare.

“I’ll be in here for 31 days doing all kinds of holiday shit, like story time!” Wood Jr. says. Comedy Central is offering a month of hilarious holiday-themed shows, movies and stand-up. So pull up a chair (six feet away, please) and join the fun.

And after almost a year of being mostly quarantined at home with our loved ones who are also working from home, we have to say we really understand constructing our own personal snow globe in the back yard.


Client: Comedy Central

SVP, Brand Creative: Vedia Ayvaz

VP, Creative Director: Matt Silvestri

Director/Creative Director: Brian Ziskind

Editor: Todd Thrash

Sr. Motion Designer: Joe Mackey

Director, Project Management: Laura Johnson

Director of Photography: Ramulas Burgess

Colorist, Nice Shoes: Lenny Mastrandrea

Tags: comedy central hot spots

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