When it came time for Hearst’s ABC affiliate KMBC Kansas City to get a new look, the station’s team was clear that they wanted a set that reflected their connection to the community they serve. So Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Devlin Design Group set about creating that for them.

Devlin drew from the station’s Midwest location, which includes rolling hills and wide rivers, to design the new set. It added color-changing RGB LED back-lit walls with a distinctive wave pattern meant to emulate the two rivers that border the state– the Missouri and the Mississippi. Other walls were copper-toned to add warmth, while yet another “city wall” displays the names of popular towns and neighborhoods within the Kansas City metro area.

Nestled in with this new look are many large monitors, all intended to help the station’s news team best tell their stories.

Behind the anchor desk, Devlin placed a 1x9 array of vertical 55-inch screens, which gives the anchors room to walk behind the desk and interact with the video that’s being played.

At the weather center, Devlin placed five 50-inch monitors. Outside of that, sits a weather desk flanked by a 2x1 80-inch monitor array displaying the latest weather information. A separate 90-inch monitor adds one more area where meteorologists can explain to viewers what’s going on outside their windows.

Finally, Devlin created a 6x1 array of 55-inch monitors that anchor the interview area, with a movable 3x1 kiosk of 55-inch monitors that can display a sweep of nine monitors.

“Team DDG’s design solution was derived from a creative interpretation of the place, culture and community described in our collaboration with the team at KMBC,” said Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, vice president, scenic design, Devlin Design Group, in a statement.

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