Jacksonville, Fla., Art Director Kim Colombero is the winning in-house designer of Cox Media Group’s new logo, after winning the company’s “Design Our Logo” challenge.

Colombero’s entry beat out some 250 internal submissions, which were whittled down to a final three. Each of those were put through a final vetting process before the winner was selected via a national research study.

“Leaning on our own CMG team members to drive this process, and then validating it through a rigorous research process, was very important to us,” said Cox Media Group President and Chief Executive Officer Kim Guthrie, in a statement. “We are building this company together and our people are putting their thumbprint on it in all corners of our business. We now have our new, modern logo to help define our brand for years to come.”

As demonstrated in the above image, Colombero’s logo features the company’s initials. On either side, the “C” and the “G” are both in Cox’s established brand shade of dark blue, while the “M” in the middle is composed of lighter, brighter hues selected from the company’s overall brand palette. That compilation of colors is intended to signify the company’s legacy of competition, collaboration, diversity and inclusion.

“The Design Our Logo Challenge was a great success and we were amazed at the level of participation from our people,” said Guthrie. “While we had hoped to launch our new logo in a bigger, public celebration – we simply could not wait any longer to unveil it and share the news with our winning designer.”

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