To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the internal marketing team at diginet Cozi TV decided to depict five scenes from five iconic shows – Frasier, Monk, Roseanne, The Nanny and Columbo – with each of them starring a cast of talented ten-year-olds. The team also designed custom motion graphics to highlight the package.

The skits were shot at the Play Group Theater in White Plains, NY, outside of New. York City, and the kids were recruited from all over the greater New York City metropolitan area. Several of the kids were students at the Play Group Theater and several others came from Long Island.

Cozi is also airing “ten for ten” fan-selected marathons of favorite shows during its tenth birthday party.




The Nanny



Client: Cozi TV

EVP Diginets and Original Production: Meredith McGinn

VP Programming and Promotion: Diane Petzke

Creative Director: Tom Hill

Supervising Producer/Editor: DeAndra Hayes

Director: Barrett Kime

Production Manager: Lizette Montesinos City Rogue Creative

Graphics Design: John Christon

Photo Shoot Producer: Agi Fodor

VP Executive in Charge of Production: Brian Celecia

Voiceover Artist: Marty Moran

Set Design: Lucas Pasquini

Director of Photography: Travis Bleen

Cameras: David Sugar, James Parvin, John Launchi

Gaffer: Stephen Nahorniak

Sound: Jesse Stormo

Hair & Make Up: Ester Rojas

Wardrobe: Kimberly Nguyen

Production Assistants: Gavin Boutot, Nick Mulkay, Anthony Cerulli, Hunter Whaley

Tags: cozi tv hot spots

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