Time to shine, bud.

The French Bulldog was clearly born ready, even if he’s not sure what for, in 2C Creative’s launch trailer for Animal Planet’s 15th anniversary of the Puppy Bowl.

Celebrating the annual accompaniment to the Super Bowl, the spot features a pianist playing on the field in front of fans as the Frenchie, positioned on the piano, cocks his head at the cheering crowd.

It’s all set against the musical backdrop of Mötley Crüe’s anthem “Home Sweet Home,” with the band donating its fee to support animal rescue. With all the dogs up for adoption, the promo embraces the mantra: At Puppy Bowl XV, we don’t go big or go home. We go big AND go home.

To develop the spot, the Miami-based creative agency fused live action, sound design and VFX to bring life to the concept developed by the network. 2C populated the arena with limited shots of groups so it didn’t appear repetitive, and created a believable 3D environment to accompany the live puppy and piano player, which required camera match moving and live plate stabilization.

“This was a great opportunity for us to use Fusion for the camera match moving which – coupled with Maya and Cinema 4D – made for an excellent solution,” Bob Cobb, 2C executive producer, graphics, said in a statement. “We were delighted that Animal Planet trusted us to get creative in combining the live action, sound design and visual effects necessary to elevate such a fan-favorite event. It was truly a lot of fun.”

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