New York-based Cutter Productions has signed director Nika Offenbac to its roster, the company said Monday.

Offenbac has executive produced rebrands, show packages, promos and campaigns for such networks and services as Amazon, FX, HBO, Netflix, and truTV. She’s directed commercials for such brands as Evian, Airbnb, Sears, Ubisoft, Nestle and TBS. And she has creative directed tour visuals for such bands and performers as Skrillex, Tiesto and Thievery Corporation. She’s also produced animated films and documentaries.

Storytelling is what drives her: “The [stories] we tell others, but also the ones we tell ourselves. Some are entertaining, or clever or beautiful. Others are challenging or just interesting,” Offenbac said in a statement. “As a director, my primary responsibility is to that story, both in the telling and the making. Because how you create ultimately is what you create. It’s possible to make a living as an artist but if you’re going to do something, do it big, and do it with compassion and collaborators.”

It’s that commitment to storytelling that led Cutter founder and executive producer Hillary Cutter to sign Offenbac, making her one of five directors on the agency’s roster.

“I’ve been admiring Nika from afar for the past 10 years and have always been impressed with her multifaceted ability to do everything from creatively leading animation projects to helming live-action shoots to executive producing long-form content,” said Cutter in a statement. “As more clients look to Cutter to lead projects from development through post, it’s important for us to evolve our creative team and Nika’s expertise in creative direction and long-form content make her an invaluable addition to our roster. ... Nika’s passion for building diverse teams both on set and in post-production, as well as working with our mentorship program to help guide and nurture the next generation of media makers, makes her a perfect match for Cutter.”

Besides producing creative work for clients, Cutter also runs Cutter Connections, a women’s mentorship group for up-and-coming directors, editors, writers and mixers.

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