When it came time to introduce its new MMA/UFC show—DC & Helwani, starring Daniel Cormier and Ariel Helwani—ESPN turned to Los Angeles-based agency, Compadre. (Who, it turns out, are old compadres of theirs).

Compadre created this simple but bright and distinctive show open and package featuring the two stars in many different looks and a seasonally appropriate color palette.


Client: ESPN

Senior Creative Director: Chris Mantzaris

Creative Director: Michael Ruddy

Art Director: Peter Castellano

Creative Producer: Kathy Rajcula

Animation Supervisor: Tom Roseski

Designer/ Animator: Steven Jase

Agency: Compadre

Owner/Partner: Chuck Carey, Robert Blatchford

Executive Creative Director: Curtis Doss

Head Of Production: Jessica Scharer

Producer: Brent Lang

Director of Strategy: Mika Saulitis

Writer/Strategist: Joey Livingston

Design/Animation: Jessica Coogan, Just Bakies, Noah Witlin, Jeremy Wabiszczewicz

Design: Phillip Bischel, Felipe Picazo

Tags: compadre dc & helwani espn hot spots

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