The dramatic trailer for season 19 of Discovery’s veteran docuseries, Deadliest Catch, opens with cast members headed to a funeral as well as back out to sea.

King crab fishing has changed in the show’s almost 20 seasons, with some boats moving out of the Bering Sea due to low stock and others staying put but having to fish for different types of crab. Now, a new threat to the already beleaguered industry is emerging: unregistered foreign boats.

To capture all of the drama, Miami-based creative agency 2C sidestepped the standard Deadliest Catch imagery of crab cages and crashing waves, and instead focused on the cast, showing their faces in slow-motion portraits. It’s all set to an evocative cover of Tears for Fears “Mad World.”

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The campaign includes the above :60 anthem as well as the below :30 “heavy lifting” cutdown, using custom title cards and soundbites to set up this season’s character stories and conflicts with invading, unregistered vessels from foreign territories. The :30 is scored with dark, percussive music and accompanying sound design.

“If we don’t play our cards right, there is no tomorrow,” says one cast member to close out the spot.

Season 19 of Deadliest Catch debuts Tuesday, April 18 on Discovery.


Client: Discovery

Senior Vice President, Marketing: Josh Kovolenko

Vice President, Creative: Pablo Pulido

Vice President, Production: Daniel Oleksiuk

Vice President, Strategy: Megan DeSouza

Senior Creative Director: Jamie Dugger

Writer/Producer: Alex Rodriguez

Senior Production Manager: Javier Montufar

Production Coordinator: Mariano Henriquez

Marketing Project Manager: Kelsey Vogt

Agency: 2C

Executive Creative Director: Chris Sloan

VP of Operations, Executive Producer: Bob Cobb

Creative Director: Alex Terapane

Editor: Omar Chavez, Jesus Martinez

Motion Designer: Alberto Garcia

Designer: Aaron Magee

Sound Engineer: Cesar Haliwa

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