When mysterious wreckage falls to Earth and starts causing strange problems, the CIA and MI-6 are called into investigate in NBC’s new drama, Debris, starring Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele.

Los Angeles-based creative agency yU+co designed the series’ ethereal main titles, in which falling debris is turned into something beautiful.

Debris premiered March 1, 2021 on NBC.


Client: NBC

Agency: yU+co

Creative Director: Garson Yu

SVP/Executive Producer: Carol Wong

Producer: Sarah Coatts

Art Director/Designer: James Robertson

Art Director/Designer: Ed Baker

Designer: Grace Kang, Lydia Kim

Technical Director/Compositor: Gregory Jones

Editor: Sam Schlenker

3D Artist: Cullen Parr, Damian Stricker

Assistant Editor: Latoria Ortiz

Researcher: Anthony Zucco

Tags: debris hot spots main titles nbc yu+co

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