From NFTs to virtual influencers, augmented reality and crypto, the metaverse may feel like the Wild West, but for brands who embrace data-driven planning and who are willing to evolve, it’s the biggest opportunity out there. And it’s coming fast, so it’s something all brands will want to consider as they plan for the future.

In this episode of The Daily Brief Podcast, Jason Rockman, president of customer experience agency Definition 6, and Shep Ogden, co-founder and CEO of Offbeat Media Group, introduce us to virtual influencer Zero (@ZeroFromNexus) and give us a taste of what it’s like to interact in the up-and-coming Metaverse.

After talking with Zero, a virtual cyborg living and creating content from his bunker in the Nexus Universe, Rockman and Ogden share how successful the virtual influencer has been gaining followers—now numbering over 350,000— and working with brands just since being introduced in February. They go on to consider other ways brands should be thinking about innovating as the internet evolves into Web3 and beyond.

Listen to the conversation below and learn more about Definition 6 at Promax Agency Marketplace:

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