Boston-based Viewpoint Creative teamed with Denis Leary’s Leary Firefighter Foundation to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the tragic Worcester Cold Storage fire that killed six firefighters in Worcester, Mass., on Dec. 3, 1999. The digital series both recaps what happened on that terrible night and talks to seven surviving children, now firefighters themselves, about the fathers they lost.

Besides producing the series, Viewpoint also designed the logo, created short teasers and social ads, and the overall trailer (above).

The content now lives on several platforms, including the Leary Firefighters Foundation’s website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram to name a few. Leary Firefighter Foundation Board Member Rachel Ray also dedicated a portion of her daytime talk show to talk with Leary and a few of the firefighter sons about the tragedy.

Together, the Leary Firefighter Foundation and Viewpoint Creative are looking to build awareness and raise donations to provide equipment, technology and training for fire departments across the country.

Click here to watch all five episodes.


Client: Leary Firefighters Foundation

Executive Producers: Denis Leary, Rachael Ray

Agency/Production House: Viewpoint Creative

Director: David Shilale

Creative Director: John Murnane

Writers: David Shilale, John Murnane, Michale Middeleer, Eric Skvirsky, David DiNisco

Executive Producers: David Shilale, John Murnane

Director of Photography: Jan Maliszewski

Camera Operators/Movi: Nick Kolinsky, Will McAuliffe

Camera Operator/Drone: Dan Holden

Producer: Eric Skvirsky

Production Manager: Catherine Uyenoyama

Production Coordinators: Elena Battista Malcolm, Anya Adamsky

Editors: David DiNisco, Don Days, Kristen Levesque

Animator: Don Days

Design: James Coulson, Kriti Kaur

Mix: Todd Hrinda

Tags: hot spots viewpoint creative worcester 6

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