Bungie’s multiworld online shooter Destiny 2 may never evolve into Destiny 3 but it is getting plenty of expansions, the game developer said Tuesday in a Twitch live stream during which it also revealed the above trailer.

The game’s next expansion, Beyond Light, is coming Sept. 22, with The Witch Queen scheduled for 2021 and Lightfall in 2022. In the interim, Bungie is launching a seasonal update, called Season of Arrivals, that will feature a new dungeon and presumably move players into the story of Beyond Light.

In Beyond Light, players will face a nebulous villain known as The Darkness, which they will fight with their assigned superpower, known, appropriately, as The Light.

Bungie expects to soon support the game on the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X consoles, which will include free upgrades for current game owners as well as game performance guarantees.

While the new expansions will require Bungie to cycle out some old content, the company said it is saving that content to the “Destiny Content Vault” so players can replay favorite content in a separate experience. The first piece of content that will be made available is the series’ first raid, the Vault of Glass.

Destiny 2 had been published in partnership with Activision, but Bungie broke with that company last year. Since then, Bungie has added the ability for players to cross-save against platforms as well as a free-to-play model, and both moves have helped bring in new players and invigorate the game.

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