When it came time to debut the streaming Video Game Entertainment and News Network (VENN)—a mix of gaming, pop culture and lifestyle—the new service turned to Devlin Design Group to create a set and lighting that reflected fast-paced gaming culture and cutting-edge digital storytelling.

“We wanted the set to create a way to connect and create a relationship with our audience. DDG’s focused design approach to each of the unique performance areas gives us the opportunity to speak and interact with our audience. The process, from idea to execution, resulted in a welcoming, creative and eclectic setting that aligns with our brand and content,” said Ariel Horn, co-founder and co-chief executive officer at VENN, in a statement.

VENN spans multiple entertainment formats—from talk and news, to game and docuseries—with content intended to target Gen Z and millennial audiences. As a result, its main set had to be versatile and functional as well as bright, colorful and appealing.

“The challenge to create an environment with enough flexibility to span multiple formats of entertainment ... and to elevate and engage the experience for the audience was a tall order,” said Devlin’s Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, vice president and scenic-design director, also in a statement. “The collaborative exchange with the VENN team allowed us to pioneer a bespoke audience-focused design.”

As seen in the video above, the set Devlin create offers a blend of modern design and current aesthetics. Located in the state-of-the-art 50,000-square-foot Vista Studios, it integrates white-washed brick accented with industrial textures. Color-changing LED backlit walls and accent lighting add flexibility and freshness to highlight different time periods and programs on the 24/7 network.

Creating a new standard for the broadcast of competitive interactive gaming was high on the new service’s must-have list. A competition desk in the round with individual customizable “gaming-pods” allows up to five players to compete face to face and to be broadcast doing so.

The set also includes a V-shaped (for VENN) conversation desk, surrounded by floor-to-celing LED screens. Across the studio is a large but sleek couch that forms the center of the set’s hang-out space where hosts can chat about the gaming news of the day.

There’s also a stage, backed by seamless LED screens for custom graphics displays, where musicians and bands can perform.

Throughout it all is scattered the VENN brand, represented by custom hero logos—“Vs” at 45-degree angles— that anchor the studio to the new brand. The logo repeats throughout the set.

“We fused startup thinking with our mantra: Creativity, Knowledge and Innovation. In partnering with our client, we were able to create this incredibly adaptable performance space that can continue to evolve for VENN’s ... new wave of programming,” said Devlin Design Group VP and Creative Services Director Diane Fiolek.

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