Digital Domain Shanghai created this CG mash-up between HyperGryph’s Arknights, one of China’s most popular mobile games, and Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

In the film, iconic characters from both games are recast as chess pieces on a board, until the finale reveals who’s really controlling the game.

Digital Domain Shanghai’s Shawn Wang directed and supervised production of the trailer.

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Client: Hypergryph

Production: Digital Domain Shanghai

Director & CG Supervisor: Shawn Wang

Producer: Rik Li

Character Concept: Junwen Yu, Alex Muyu

Previz: Nick Yang, Holen Chen, Shawn Wang

Modeling: Wei Guo, Yong Kai, Honglong Jia, Kai Lin, Jie Sun

Texturing / Lookdev: Ying Zhang, Holen Chen, Nick Yang, Lizzy Chen

Rigging:Ken Yu

Character Animation: Shawn Wang

Lighting Lead: Holen Chen

Lighting: Rick Chen, Shawn Wang

FX Lead: Haru Sun

FX: Ken Yu, Linda Ma, Zoey Zhu

Compositing:Brian Guo, Ginesh Gandhi, Tingting Fan, Jiamin Chen

Sound FX: Jifeng Wu

Pipeline / IT Support: Tristen Zhao, Kim Jiang

Tags: hot spots hypergraph promax games rainbow six: siege ubisoft

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