Former marketing executive Krista Liney has joined Los Angeles-based production company Canyon Road Films as a director. Her first project—a promo for ABC’s The Bachelor based on the film Ghost starring Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore—is above. The spot aired during the 2020 Academy Awards.

Liney comes to Canyon Road from A&E Network’s History, where she was senior vice president of brand creative. She’s won an NAACP Image award as well as Promax, Clio and Telly awards.

As a director, Liney, a survive of breast cancer, directed Without Bias, a project for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in partnership with A+E’s Lifetime.

Liney first met Canyon Roads Executive Producer Lara Wickes on a project, and they quickly learned they shared a cancer narrative as Wickes’ mother had been diagnosed with the disease.

“As women, we’ve been in the trenches together,” Wickes said in a statement. “There is so much about Krista’s transformation as a human being that I adore and respect, including the decision to leave the network to pursue her true passion – directing.

“I run my business and my life the same way – listening to my heart first, then letting my head weigh in. It is so telling that my first-ever signing of a director is Krista Liney. Who she is as a person speaks so true to who I am as a business owner.”

“It’s difficult to articulate the level of respect I have for Lara,” said Liney, also in a statement. “She’s a remarkable producer and person, and she has created an amazing team full of heart. Lara elevates my work, supports my vision, and is a proper badass.”

Canyon Road is working in partnership with Liney’s own creative entity, Maiden. “Bottom line, Lara and her team are my people,” she said. “The Canyon Road philosophy, culture and approach perfectly matches the way I like to work, the way I want people to be treated, and the magic that comes from that kind of collaboration.”

Wickes launched Canyon Road in June 2017.

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