In Jonas & Co.’s branded campaign, Discovery Channel’s Josh Gates and Dish collaborate on a trio of spots to support the Dish Anywhere app as well as two of Josh’s shows: Expedition Unknown and Legendary Locations.

In each spot, Gates finds himself in a remote location with a predicament—how to find the perfect venue to relax and enjoy content using the Dish Anywhere app. Locations include a wintery Northern trek, an undersea run-in with a giant squid and a “portaledge” tent precariously hanging on the side of a mountain cliff.


Clients: Dish/Discovery

Agency/Production Company: Jonas & Co.

Producer, Jonas & Co: Hema Mulchandani

Director, Jonas & Co: Jonas Morganstein

Vice President, Customer Marketing and Retention, Dish: Kevin Covell

Director, Existing Customer Communications, Dish: Kara Stegman

Retention Marketing/Programmer Partnerships, Dish: Mitch Kahl

Marketing Manager, Customer Retention, Dish: Nick Hunsberger

Marketing Lead, Customer Retention, Dish: Dustin Evans

SVP Content Distribution, Discovery: Brent Scott

Vice President, Content Distribution, Discovery: Jonathan Palmer

Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Partnerships, Discovery: Arti Umesh

Tags: branded content discovery dish network expedition unknown hot spots jonas & co.

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