ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff and his 28-year-old son, Mack, travel to nations such as Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Ukraine to discover these countries’ unique power to also surprise, amaze and inspire.

Woodruff suffered severe traumatic brain injury in 2006 when a roadside bomb exploded next to his vehicle in Iraq. After being rushed into surgery and five weeks in a medically induced coma, he woke up talking. Within a year, he was able to go back to work but his days as a war correspondent were over.

Now he’s showing his son some of the places he covered—both the war-torn locales as well as more remote and beautiful spots.

“My 10-year-old self would probably be pretty jealous of all the time I get to spend with you now,” Mack says.

All six episodes will be available to stream on Disney+ on July 24.

Key art for Disney+'s 'Rogue Trip'
Key art for Disney+‘s ‘Rogue Trip’

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