Even before the coronavirus pandemic and the protests against police brutality and system racism hit Minneapolis, Tegna-owned NBC affiliate KARE was working on a spot that was aimed at bringing its community together.

As the spot says, read with heart by local voiceover artist H. Adam Harris: “Sometimes we’re picked first. Sometimes, we’re picked last. Sometimes we win. We lose. Sometimes we laugh, we cheer, we cry, we comfort. Sometimes we listen. We disagree. Sometimes we defend others. Sometimes we feel alone or we find ourselves. Sometimes we love and are changed. And then there are times we find a place to belong.”


Client: Tegna’s KARE Minneapolis

Agency: Tegna Design Tank

Creative Director: Travis Kobs

Director of Marketing, Creative and Brand: Janeen Vogelaar

Voiceover: H. Adam Harris

Music: The Groove Music, ITG Studios’ “Dreams”

Tags: hot spots kare tegna

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