It’s love at first sight for Elena and Beto in Circus Grey’s long-form spot for the most popular telenovela, De Vuelta al Barrio, on Peru’s América Television.

The two young lovers are instantly smitten and soon they are spending every minute together—no matter that they are divided by screens. When an accident befalls Elena, Beto is consumed with worry until the screen brings them together again.

Global ad agency, Circus Grey, created the spot in concert with América Television.


Client: América Television

CMO: Jacques Aragonés

Brand Manager: Ana Paola Mazuelos

In-House Art Director: Mauricio Torres

PR Manager: Mariana Ibarcena

Agency: Circus Grey

CEO: Pedro José de Zavala

CCO: José Luis Rivera y Piérola

Executive Creative Director: Charlie Tolmos

Creative Director: Yasu Arakaki / Rodrigo Melgar

Head Account Manager: Zinka Mendoza

Account Director: Jackeline Sztrancman

Account Supervisor: Vanessa Ortega

Account Executive: Alejandra Cardenal

Head of Production: Renzo Talavera

Group Executive Producer: Claudia Alvarez

Assistant Producer: Ximena Rojas

Production Company: Rebeca

Director: Manuel Oxenford

Executive Producer: Alejandro Noriega

Production Manager: Karen Nolte

Assistant Producer: Maria Fernanda Mendoza

1st Assistant Director: Eduardo Bezerra

2nd Assistant Director: Renato Arestegui

DOP: Julian Amaru Estrada

Gaffer: Lander Torres

Focus Assistant: Nicolas Lastschenko

Camera Assistant: Carlos Ezeta

Video Assistant: Sergio Peña

Data Manager: GianCarlo Segovia

Art Director: Coco Miranda

Productora de Campo: Oh Margot

Art Producer: Cecilia Herrera

Costume Designer: Claudia Mansillas

Make-Up Artist: Nery Romero

Casting: Zebra

Off Line/ Editing: Rossana Samanamud/Makaco

On Line / Color: Makako

Sound and Music Designer: Zumba

Cover Lead Singer: Arianna Fernández

Original Music: Fantasy by Autocontrol

Production: America Television

Head of Production: Estela Redhead

General Manager and Series Scriptwriter: Gigio Aranda

Executive Producer: Cristian Rocha

Director of Photography: Carlos de la Cadena

Art Producer: Elena Ibarra

Costume Designer: Mónica Passapera

Make-up Artist: Edith Ávila

Make-up assistant: Erika Alata

Make-up assistant: Andrea Escobedo

Other Credits: Carlos Wilson, Rómulo Peralta, Bruno Fernández, Marcos Pilco

Tags: america television circus grey de vuelta al barrio hot spots

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