Many new companies are working to connect television viewers over social media. ConnecTV, whose beta version recently came online, stands out from the pack with a sophisticated proprietary content recognition technology complimented by major partnerships with Hearst, Cox, Belo, Scripps, Gannett and more. This potent combination of substance and style presents an “innovative new way to drive viewers back to TV,” said Stacy Jolna, CMO and co-founder of ConnecTV, empowering viewers to engage socially with other like-minded fans and friends who prefer a similar brand.

“Viewers locked in real-time social conversations around their favorite shows and sporting events are less likely to channel surf and ad-skip,” said Jolna, “and more likely to increase their frequency and duration of time viewing. Our first-ever engagement advertising units offer a unique opportunity for programmers to drive tune-in and for any brand to ignite new ways to engage consumers while they watch television.”


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