Google+ has, to the surprise of few, established itself as a leading social network to rival Facebook, and shockingly, it’s not even out of beta yet. Connecting friends, family, lovers and peers online is only the beginning

for the visionary service, which views social as “a core human behavior rather than any one destination or experience on the web,” said Ryan Stonehouse, a global social network sales and strategy executive at Google.

For marketers working to build brand equity, this outlook translates to the potential to “get closer to their customers and provide a common, measurable social layer across all of their marketing efforts,” said Stonehouse. With its innovative “circles” infrastructure, Google+ has taken the concept of a Venn diagram to a global scale, allowing users to quickly and easily fi lter their information consumption through nuanced cross-sections of likes and interests. For marketers, this could result in targeted campaigns at unprecedented levels of specifi city and nuance. How to tap into this limitless pool of precision will surely be one of many fascinating topics at this month’s EMW.


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